Palliative Care Australia and The GroundSwell Project partnered in 2017 to host the first Compassionate Communities Symposium in Sydney. The vision was to introduce the Compassionate City Charter to Australia and to enhance the understanding of a public health approach to palliative care. Over the two days, 190 delegates attended representing over 100 different organisations came together to learn, share, network and inspire change in their own communities.
The Symposium featured presentations from a number of community groups and organisations undertaking projects reflecting compassionate communities. Videos and presentations delivered at the event can be found in the ‘resources’ section.


The symposium communique is a document to be shared with policy makers, local councils and community leaders to explain what the Compassionate Communities movement is about and gain support.

The symposium report includes highlights from the symposium presentations, the storytellers, panel members, discussions and community wall posts.  This report expresses the experience, values and learnings from the symposium and will be disseminated widely to further this movement as well as to establish recommendations for the future of this important work.  


Symposium program