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We recommend these two readings:

1. Compassionate Communities and end of life care, Dr J Abel

2. Compassionate communities: end-of-life care as everyone’s responsibility



Books, reports, journal publications (Australian + New Zealand)

Dr John Rosenberg

Books, reports, journal publications (International)






Plenary Presentations from the Compassionate Communities Symposium 2017

Keynote Speaker: Dr Julian Abel, National Health Service, UK

Dr Bruce Rumbold, La Trobe University

Dr John Rosenberg, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Debbie Horsfall, Western Sydney University

Kerrie Noonan, The Groundswell Project

Workshop Presentations from Day 2

  • Practical approaches to innovation in palliative care - Part 1 and Part 2

Facilitated by Dr Ingrid Burkett and Erin Martin

Facilitated by Peta Murray