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Compassionate Communities Network

Public Health Palliative Care

Public Health Palliative Care

Australia and New Zealand


"A city is not merely a place to work and access services but equally a place to enjoy support

in the safety and protection of each other’s company, in schools, workplaces, places of

worship and recreation, in cultural forums and social networks anywhere within the city’s

influence, even to the end of our days" .  

Compassionate city charter, A Kellehear



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Compassionate Communities Network aims to promote and integrate social approaches to dying, death and bereavement in the everyday life of individuals and communities. 

We do this by:

  • identifying and promoting leading practices
  • leading and advocating for practices to be embedded in policy
  • encouraging, strengthening and establishing partnerships that support community capacity building and resilience
  • furthering research in our culturally diverse communities
  • creating healthy end of life settings and environments

We are an informal group, actively working to promote the principles of public health palliative care. The Compassionate Communities Network is open to everyone who is interested in social approaches to end of life support.

We are currently formalising our linkage as an Australian/New Zealand chapter member of Public Health Palliative Care International. The development of this national compassionate communities network will be ratified at the 6th International Public Health Palliative Care Conference.

There is a growing movement in Australia and New Zealand and we invite you to be a part of it.


About us


About us


Here are some of the recognised change makers currently leading this work:


Professor Merryn Gott (School of Nursing, University of Auckland, NZ)

D r Bruce Rumbold (Palliative Care Unit, College of Health, Science and Engineering, La Trobe University, VIC)


Dr John Rosenberg (Centre of Research Excellence in End of Life Care, Queensland University of Technology, QLD)

Kerrie Noonan (Director, The GroundSwell Project)

Andrea Grindrod (Palliative Care Unit, College of Health, Science and Engineering, La Trobe University VIC)

Professor Debbie Horsfall (School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University)

Professor Samar Aoun (Palliative Care Unit, College of Health, Science and Engineering, La Trobe University VIC)

Shyla Mills (Palliative Care Queensland)

Vicki Barry (Palliative Care WA)
Jessie Williams (Executive Officer, The GroundSwell Project)






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